About Us

Mines d’Afrique (MINAF) is a D.R.C registered mining solutions company.  
With an established brand, we have maintained a competitive edge in a narrow market segment with proven capabilities since its inception in 2014. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we continue to build sustainable business solutions and relations. Our focus lies on our ability to manufacture products and provide services at competitive rates, providing our clients with swift and reliable service.
Why MINAF is your preferred construction partner:
-We promote a culture of professionalism and respect for all cultures.
• We have extensive industry experience, technical ar.idsector specialisation.
– We have the capability to roll out projects across Africa.
– We have the ability to complete and deliver small and larger scale projects.
At MINAF we maintain a culture of quality, safety and reliability with a dedicated team of
professionals who has vast experience in construction and mining projects across Africa.
Boasting our South African branch, we can now streamline wocurement services and offer top-quality
quality pre-fabricated steel structures and piping for export.


  •  Being the leading service provider in our industry.


  • Creating an empowered workforce and becoming an exclusive business of

Who We Are

Our Vision

  • Being a flexible, adaptable organization, insuring sustainability in the African


  • Being aligned with international
  • To establish trusting relationships with all our


  • To provide quality products and services by prioritizing professionalism whilst getting the job


  • To ensure business continuity by not compromising the future needs of the organization and generations to


Who We Are

Our Mission

  • To deliver technology suitable to our current environment, enhancing our productivity, control, and service delivery


  • To embark on a journey of enhancing our team’s knowledge, skills, and abilities whilst creating opportunities to progress.